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マリーナ船台へ突撃(動画)We put BIG TAKⅡ directly into the marina berths! (VIDEO)


しかし、BIG TAKⅡはそれなりの大きさがあり、船体が高いので他船より風の影響を非常に受けやすく、特に強風時はこの作業は抵抗が大きく一苦労、時にはマリーナスタッフ複数で応援してもらい迷惑をかけ、我々自身も大変になるので、過去数回船に傷をつけながらも(てへてへ絵文字)、何とか慣れ、近年は毎回入港してそのまま船台に船首を入れることにしています😅


但し、この方法は船体を損傷するリスクが非常に大きいので、お控えください<(_ _)>

Normally, when a vessel returns to the marina pier, the vessel is temporarily parked at the marina pier, then moored, and slowly moved into the berth by pulling the mooring line.

However, BIG TAK II is a little large size and its high hull makes it more susceptible to wind than other vessels, especially in strong winds. We have managed to get used to it, and in recent years we have decided to put the bow in the berth every time we come into port 😅.

However, the floating jetty is narrow and just barely wide enough, and when the river current is fast or there is a strong wind, the hull will be swept sideways or diagonally in an instant, so no matter how many times I do it, I always do it with nerves on edge[:::].

However, please refrain from using this method, as the risk of damaging the hull is very high<(_ _)>.

今回の動画は船首から撮影↓(ご体験ください!)This video was shot from the bow ↓ (please experience!)


Captain/Team BIG TAK

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